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The Soratinex Story

Professor Tirant scientifically researched and formulated a range of clinical preparations under the name of Dr. Michaels for the treatment of various skin conditions. Dr. Michael’s products are for clinical use only and are often customized to a person’s individual needs. Dr. Michael’s products have a 30-year history of successful clinical use for the relief of different skin conditions.

The Soratinex Story

The Soratinex product range was developed for people with mild to moderate skin conditions, based on key active ingredients in the Dr. Michaels range. Soratinex works via a dual action by way of oral and topical products that reduce inflammation and encourage skin repair.

  • In 2013 the Soratinex product range received EU cosmetic registration approval, and in 2016 Soratinex became a registered medical device
  • Soratinex products have been dermatologically tested and approved
  • The products have undergone skin sensitisation, skin irritation, eye irritation and bacteria mutation testing as well as stability testing and a safety assessment
  • In order to produce the Soratinex range MT Dermaceuticals have partnered with leading manufacturers who are GMP registered and licensed to manufacture therapeutic goods under TGA registration

If you feel your condition is moderate to severe and would like to enquire about a consultation and a personalised treatment protocol. (via skype or in person) please visit the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic website.http://psoriasiseczema.com.au/