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What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious inflammatory skin disease which affects approximately 2-5% of the population worldwide.  In psoriasis, the keratinocytes of the skin multiply very rapidly and travel from the bottom layer of the epidermis to the surface in approximately 4 days as opposed to the usual 28 days. The skin cannot shed these cells quickly enough, so they build up and create thick, dry and flaky patches or plaques.  These plaques commonly affect the scalp, torso, elbows, and knees but can occur anywhere on the body.

What Causes Psoriasis?

The cause of psoriasis is unknown, although it is well accepted that there is an underlying genetic component which, when triggered, causes the immune system to produce an excessive number of skin cells. For this reason, it is termed an auto-immune disorder.

Is there a cure?

Whilst there is no known cure, psoriasis can be put into remission with a combination of effective treatment and trigger management.

How long will it take to see results?

You can expect to see results within 7-10 days. It is important that once improvement begins that you continue using the products as directed until your skin has cleared, and then slowly taper off products.

Do I need to use the products all the time?

No, Once the condition is clear, you should wean yourself off the products—from two times to once daily.

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Do the products contain steroids?

No, the products do not contain steroids. The products contain essential oils, herbal extracts and oils that have anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe the skin.

Can I use the product on Eczema?

No, these products are not suitable to use on eczema. For more information on treatment options for eczema visit www.mtdermaceuticals.com.au

If your eczema condition is severe we suggest you have a private consultation to learn more about the triggers and to have customized treatment protocols go to www.psoriasiseczema.com.au

What if I am unsure of what my skin condition is?

Always see you’re your doctor if you are unsure of what skin condition you have.

Does Soratinex work on all types of psoriasis?

Soratinex was designed for mild-moderate psoriasis prone skin of the scalp and body. This condition typically presents as thick, dry, rough and scaly skin, most often on the elbows, knees, torso, back, legs, arms, ears and scalp. It is best not to use Soratinex on sensitive areas of skin such as the face and groin. It is also not recommended for use on more sensitive presentations of psoriasis such as guttate, pustular or erythrodermic. For these presentations, we recommend customized treatment options through our affiliated clinic –Psoriasis Eczema Clinic.

How do I know if Soratinex will suit my skin?

Not all skin types were created equal. Some psoriasis prone skin can be sensitive and reactive, whilst others can be highly tolerant. It would be impossible to provide an over the counter product that suits 100% of skin types 100% of the time – but we are pretty close! We recommend all customers to Patch Test the Soratinex topical treatments for a minimum of 72 hours before full application. This helps ensure your skin tolerates the products and there are no unknown allergies to the ingredients. If you experience any increased itch, redness or burning sensations – please rinse off and discontinue use immediately. A mild tingling sensation that decreases over time is ok. If Soratinex is not suitable for your skin type – we recommend an appointment with our affiliated clinic –Psoriasis Eczema Clinicwhere you can receive a detailed consultation and customized treatments for your skin type.