Nutrition and Psoriasis: Is a healthy diet enough?

Nutrition and Psoriasis: Is a healthy diet enough?

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet is an important part of psoriasis management.  However, did you know your nutrient balance is not only affected by what goes in, but what goes out?

In fact, many of your daily lifestyle habits might be contributing towards nutrient loss.  Some of these include:

  • Certain medications (including diuretics and reflux medications)
  • Smoking
  • Consuming foods high in ‘anti-nutrients’ (eg. phytates, tannins)
  • Excess alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • Endurance sports
  • Overcooking foods

Some of the key nutrients vulnerable to loss include the water soluble types, such as b group vitamins, vitamin c and magnesium.  These nutrients can be lost from fruit and vegetables before they even hit your plate by using cooking processes such as boiling or blanching.   Other cooking processes, can actually improve the nutrient content of your food by reducing anti-nutrient levels, such as soaking almonds and legumes.

Certain medications can reduce your absorption or increase excretion of essential nutrients.  For example, anti-acids can reduce the stomach acid required to absorb iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium and diuretics can lead to increased excretion of water soluble nutrients such as b group vitamins, vitamin c, magnesium and sodium.

Other lifestyle habits such as frequent endurance exercise can lead to deficiencies in nutrients like magnesium, b vitamins and iron, due to increase loss through sweat and heightened metabolic rates.  Smoking is another nutrient ‘robber’ and has been shown to increase your vitamin c requirements by up to 50%!

Psoriasis sufferers are especially prone to nutrient deficiencies due to the rapid turnover and shedding of skin cells.  So when diet just isn’t enough, Soratinex Oral Supplement has you covered!  This high quality formula, registered with the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia, contains essential vitamins and minerals along with herbs rich in antioxidants, that together help to reduce inflammation and improve the health and appearance of psoriasis prone skin.

*Best used in conjunction with the Soratinex Topical Treatment Range and a healthy diet

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