Steroid Free Psoriasis Creams

Steroid Free Psoriasis Creams – do they really work?

If you have been treated for psoriasis, chances are you have tried Topical Steroid treatment.  Topical steroids (TS) are often the go-to treatment for Dermatologists and GPs and it’s easy to see why.  TS are well known for their fast acting, anti-inflammatory effects and goodness knows we all like quick results!

The trouble with TS as a long-term psoriasis treatment is that they are designed for short term use (in most cases).  The reason for this is the same as with most drugs;  long-term use increases the risk of side effects.  With growing awareness around potential side effects, psoriasis warriors are becoming more conscious of natural alternatives, opting for steroid-free psoriasis creams and treatments where possible.

So, can steroid-free psoriasis creams still actually deliver results?

Herbal psoriasis creams typically contain multiple ingredients which target the root causes of why the psoriasis is flaring in the first place.  On the other hand, conventional drugs often contain single, potentised ingredients which target immediate symptom relief.  Whilst natural treatments cannot compete with the potency and speed of TS, they can offer sustainable, longer lasting results, with a higher safety profile.  Whilst the differences are vast, both options have an important role to play in modern medicine.  It is also worth noting that neither option are psoriasis cures but rather assist with ongoing management with the potential for remission.

How do you know which option is best for your skin?

If you have mild psoriasis prone skin and have tried TS and similar treatments through your GP and Dermatologist without success, then the Soratinex product range may be for you.  Rich in synergistic bioactive ingredients, this herbal psoriasis cream and topical product range is designed to not only relieve the symptoms of psoriasis but help to address the underlying triggers.

If you are not sure which option is best for you and your psoriasis type, we recommend consulting with your medical professional.

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