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Stephanie Shepherd, Vic, 2020


My experience with Soratinex has been incredible. Like most psoriasis sufferers, I’ve tried many different medications, herbs and vitamins – spent thousands of dollars over my 12 years of having this condition with nothing clearing up my skin.

Within 1 week of taking Soratinex capsules, using their cream, body oil and body wash I started seeing results. The capsules are easy to take, I take two in the morning and two at night and combat it with a healthy diet.

I believe healing comes from within and what I eat tends to show in my skin. The capsules are like nothing I’ve ever taken before and I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t tried them. I found this new treatment plan with psoriasis and eczema clinic gave me new motivation and excitement to finally take control of my skin. I’m so thankful and grateful to have tried and to be still using these products. 10/10

C.W, NZ, 2021

I have been using (the Treatment Pack) for over a year and it is the best product I’ve ever used. I’ve had psoriasis for about 40 years, they’ve all but gone. Thank you for your product

Bronte, NSW 2021

I have been using the ‘treatment pack’ for the last few weeks and am happy with the products so far. It is too early to say if there have been any results so I look forward to placing my next order and continuing to see progress! The best part for me is that these products are steroid free and I don’t have to worry about what I am applying to my skin.

C.W, NSW, 2020

Started using Soratinex gel, emollient and oil at the end of November 2020.
Now 6-7 weeks later its almost disappeared, just pale patches and my skin is smooth and soft again, very little shedding.
It was covering a lot of my body, from ankles all the way up both legs, torso, spots on arms and back and big red spots on bottom.
Very happy I found this. Thank you

T.W USA, 2019

I would like to place another order please! The products have been working AMAZINGLY!! My brother’s psoriasis is all over his body and very intense, and we’ve never found a non-steroidal product that works to treat it like yours does…My family hasn’t seen his skin so clear in years!

M.L Hong Kong, 2018

I would like to express my special thanks to your team’s products. I had psoriasis for over 15 years and I spent more than 20K each year to the Chinese/Western doctor but the problem was still not able to be controlled. After using the treatment plan for about 2 weeks, more than 80% of my psoriasis was gone (the affected area to my body is about 60%). Now I can get back to normal life and no longer wear the long T-shirt in summer.

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