Professor Tirant

Soratinex Creator, Professor Michael Tirant
Integrative Dermatology, Psoriasis And Other Papulosquamous Diseases

Prof. Michael Tirant, creator of Soratinex, originally developed the range to treat psoriasis patients in a clinical setting over 30 years ago.   Initially  branded as ‘Dr Michaels’, the Soratinex range was used with great success as a holistic treatment option for those suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis at leading Integrative Dermatology Clinic, Psoriasis Eczema Clinic, Melbourne, Australia.

The success with patients led to international interest and eventually several trials throughout Australia and Europe confirming the effectiveness of the Soratinex Treatment range.  The collected results were published in the Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents Volume 30, No 2 (S3), April-June 2016.

Since these trials, Soratinex has been successfully registered as a Medical Device in Europe and has more recently been made available as a natural cosmetic treatment in Australia for mild-moderate psoriasis prone skin.

About Prof. Michael Tirant

Michael Tirant is a Professor of Dermatology at Hanoi Medical University and National Hospital and University of Rome “G. Marconi”, Rome, Italy.  He is the founder and Principal Consultant, specializing in Integrative Dermatology, at Psoriasis Eczema Clinic and Director of Psoriasis Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

He has been involved in dermatology research for over 30 years, published over 100 papers and developed over 40 natural topical and systemic medications, using herbal bio-actives for the treatment of many dermatological conditions.  The treatments are well accepted and used internationally by many dermatologists with great success.

Prof. Tirant has been a Pioneer in the field of Integrative Dermatology, taking a holistic and natural approach to the treatment of dermatological diseases, combining the best of traditional and modern medicines.

His motto is to “address triggers that flare up dermatological diseases, as well as treat the symptoms”, which forms the foundation of the unique ‘dual action’, 3 step Soratinex treatment range.

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