Textbook and Atlas of DERMATOLOGY

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Hardcover Texbook
By: Michael Tirant, Torello Lotti, Davinder Parsad
Published: 15th June 2018

“An excellent aide in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin diseases.”… Prof. Torello Lotti

Salient Features:

  • Comprehensive visual guidance you need to effectively evaluate, diagnose, and manage all forms of skin disease.
  • Over 200 images richly depict etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment, equipping you to provide the best care to every patient.
  • New Treatment options.
  • More than 40 chapters covering all dermatological ailments, triggers and comorbidities.
  • Includes an Atlas of Clinical Cases, Dermoscopy and more..
  • More than 200 colourful illustrations from the Authors’ personal database giving a unique overview of the diseases.
  • Hands-on clinical experience sharing in the form of cases, clinical presentations and management approach.

A very comprehensive Dermatology book

“As a reader of the Textbook and Atlas of Dermatology you will find selected and new concepts in the field of Dermatology and a useful instrument for your daily professional services, and for your ethical and practical development. This unique Textbook and Atlas of Dermatology is now ready for you.” …. forward and co-author Prof. Torello Lotti

Published 15th June 2018




Section I: Fundamentals of Dermatology
Chapter 1: Structure of Skin
Chapter 2: Functions of Skin
Chapter 3: Morphology of Skin
Chapter 4: Approach to a patient of Dermatology

Section II: Etiopathophysiology & Immunodermatolgy
Chapter 5: Genetics & Immunopathology in Dermatology
Chapter 6: Chemical Mediators in Dermatology
Chapter 7: Provoking factors for Dermatoses
Chapter 8: Co-morbidity factors for Dermatoses
Chapter 9: Systemic medications for Dermatoses

Section III: Various Dermatoses
Chapter 10: Acne Vulgaris
Chapter 11: Alopecia
Chapter 12: Darier’s Disease
Chapter 13: Dermatitis & Eczema
Chapter 14: Erythroderma
Chapter 15: Folliculitis
Chapter 16: Fungal infections
Chapter 17: Granuloma Annulare
Chapter 18: Grover’s Disease
Chapter 19: Herpes
Chapter 20: Human Papillomavirus infections
Chapter 21: Hyperpigmentary Dermatoses
Chapter 22: Hypopigmentary Dermatoses
Chapter 23: Ichthyosis
Chapter 24: Impetigo
Chapter 25: Keratosis Pilaris
Chapter 26: Lichen Skin Disorders
Chapter 27: Miliaria
Chapter 28: Molluscum Contagiosum
Chapter 29: Nail Infections
Chapter 30: Parapsoriasis en Plaque
Chapter 31: Pityriasis
Chapter 32: Porphyrias
Chapter 33: Pruritus
Chapter 34: Psoriasis
Chapter 35: Rosacea
Chapter 36: Sarcoidosis
Chapter 37: Scabies
Chapter 38: Scleroderma
Chapter 39: Seborrheic Keratosis
Chapter 40: Tinea
Chapter 41: Urticaria
Chapter 42: Dermatoses of Newborn
Chapter 43: Trichopigmentation or Scalp Dermopigmentation
Chapter 44: Artificial Hair: Automatic Biofibre® Hair Implant
Chapter 45: Clinical & Laboratory techniques for various dermatoses.

Resources for more information about various dermatoses.

References Focus Supplement

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    • Soratinex
    • Eczitinex
    • and other treatments
  • Dermatoscopy by Raimonds Karls, CEO, Derma Clinic Riga, Department of Infectology and Dermatology, Rīga Stradins University, Rīga
  • Skin Cancer by Raimonds Karls, CEO, Derma Clinic Riga, Department of Infectology and Dermatology, Rīga Stradins University, Rīga
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