Soratinex Oral Supplement


Soratinex Oral Supplement supports healthy skin function and provides symptomatic relief of dry, flaky skin


Boswellia serrata extract 15 mg
derived from gum oleoresin dry 150 mg
Gingko biloba extract 10 mg
derived from leaf dry 500 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) extract 20 mg
Derived from root and stolen dry 100 mg
Panax ginseng extract 30 mg
derived from root dry 300 mg
Phyllanthus emblica extract 20 mg
derived from fruit dry 100 mg
Scutellaria baicalensis extract 25 mg
derived from root dry 100 mg
Terminalia bellerica 20 mg
derived from fruit pericarp dry 100 mg
Terminalia chebula extract 20 mg
derived from fruit dry 100 mg

No added glucose, gluten, artificial flavour, lactose, yeast, preservative.



About Soratinex Oral Supplements:

Dry and flaky skin conditions, such as psoriasis, require optimal nutrition and antioxidant status in order to promote healing and repair of the skin barrier.  Whilst a healthy diet and lifestyle is the best defense against disease, inadequacies can be supported with supplementation.  The Soratinex Oral Supplement has been formulated to support optimal skin barrier function in psoriasis prone skin with the addition of herbal extracts rich in antioxidant properties to promote general health and wellbeing.


Active ingredients are listed in alphabetical order.

A highly resinous herb, Boswellia has been traditionally used for centuries for its aromatic and potent inflammation inhibitory properties.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest living tree species. A single tree can live as long as 1,000 years and grow to a height of 120 feet. The flavonoid component of the herb has potent antioxidant effects and explains its popularity for its use as a neuroprotective, and anti-ageing herb. The active compounds in Gingko improve circulation by dilating blood vessels, and reduce the stickiness of platelets. Increases in blood flow mean ginkgo improves oxygen and nutrient supply to the organs and tissues, which would also explain its anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects.

Licorice has been reported to have several pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic and anti-viral.

Ginseng promotes homeostasis after abnormal physiological changes caused by chronic stress.

Triphala is considered a ‘neutral’ formula suitable for all constitutional types in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  Documented actions include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, prebiotic, glucose regulating and nutritive.


1 capsule two times daily with meals.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

This product contains Licorice and Gingko which may be contraindicated in those with hypertension or bleeding disorders, or when used in conjunction with blood pressure or blood thinning medications.

When taking the Soratinex Oral Supplements:

  • Always read the label
  • Follow the directions for use
  • If you have any pre-existing conditions or are on any medications always talk to your health professional before use
  • Some products should be ceased at least two weeks before any elective surgery, please confirm with your health professional

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