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Psoriasis can occur in many different parts of the body. The most common sites include the elbows, knees, scalp, hands and feet. A combination of topical and systemic therapies can be particularly beneficial in treating psoriasis. But which treatments are best used for which areas?

Soratinex Treatments for Different Body Sites:

  • Scalp: Up to 80% of psoriasis sufferers have scalp psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis can affect areas of the scalp, forehead, neck, and behind the ears and may exist alone or in combination with psoriasis in other body areas. It can be intensely itchy and result in the frequent shedding of flaky skin.
    An effective psoriasis cream for scalp is one that is easy to apply and is gentle enough to use on delicate areas. The Soratinex Skin Care Oil is perfectly suited to scalp psoriasis. Rich in botanical extracts and emollients, the Skin Care Oil is gentle, easy to apply and can be massaged into the entire scalp and hair and left over night.

For scalp psoriasis with thick patches of skin, the Soratinex Emollient is an effective natural psoriasis cream. A great psoriasis itch cream, the Soratinex Emollient can be applied to affected areas by parting the hair and massaging in well. Best results are achieved when combined with the Soratinex Cleansing Gel and Oral Supplement.

  • Face: Psoriasis of the face is less common, and typically affects the eyebrows, eyelids, the ears and the skin around the mouth and nose. Due to the sensitivity of the skin in these areas, special care should be taken and a psoriasis specialist should be consulted before starting any treatment. It is a rare form of psoriasis and has a great impact on personal and professional life because of the visible inflammation and scars that dwindle the self-confidence. Psoriasis cream for face/delicate skin areas should always be patch tested for tolerance for full use. The same applies for psoriasis cream child formulae due to the sensitive nature of the skin as well as psoriasis eye creams. If a customised treatment is required for more sensitive skin areas, we recommend a consultation at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic.
  • Knees and elbows: These are the areas where plaque psoriasis is common and an effective natural psoriasis cream is most beneficial. They can measure from a few millimetres to several centimetres in diameter and present as defined areas of thickened, scaly skin. Skin on the elbows and knees is naturally very thick and therefore is best suited to a combination of keratolytics to help break up dead skin cells, and ointments for deeper skin penetration and hydrating effects. Soratinex Skin Care Gel contains salicylic acid which helps to break up dead skin cells in areas of thickened skin. Soratinex Emollient is an ointment base which enables good absorption of herbal bioactive ingredients which help to reduce dryness and irritation of the skin.  Combining these 2 products provides a complete treatment approach to psoriasis prone skin of the knees and elbows.
  • Hand and Feet: Similar to the knees and elbows, the hands and feet also have naturally thickened skin and therefore respond well to keratolytics and effective natural psoriasis creams. Psoriasis in these areas can be particularly frustrating because it prevents the performance of many day-to-day chores. They are also areas particularly prone to friction (eg. shoes) and chemical irritation (detergents, soaps) which are known triggers of psoriasis. Psoriasis hand creams can easily be washed off throughout the day and therefore are best applied more frequently. Psoriasis cream for feet is best applied overnight to allow for optimal absorption. Occlusives, such as the Soratinex Skin Care Oil, help to lock in more moisture and enhance the action of the herbal bioactive ingredients. We therefore recommend the Soratinex Skin Care Gel, Emollient and Skin Care Oil as a triple topical therapy for psoriasis prone skin of the hands and feet.

Combination therapy:

Whilst topical therapy is important to address the external drivers and symptoms of psoriasis, addressing the internal drivers with systemic treatments is equally as important in order to achieve long term results. The Soratinex Oral Supplement contains nutritional and herbal bioactives which have antioxidant, adaptogenic and nutritive properties, providing support for skin barrier repair. Combining the benefits of the both the topical and systemic treatments helps to enhance the outcomes and improve overall skin health.

If you have any query related to Soratinex treatments for psoriasis of the body or scalp, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!

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